Tuesday, December 9, 2008


yeah I know I've pretty much been MIA to this blog. But I'm good. I'm grinding. Doing a bunch of stuff that has to get done before the end of the year. And I'm in my second home state right now so the partying is in FULL EFFECT. I'm finally realizing that the shit I want in life is not gonna be handed to me. And once I'm done with this school shit, its poppin...life that is. Also I'm in party planning mode because Winter break is among us and all my friends are looking to me to have a good time. And I will not disappoint.

HOLLA HOLLA HOLLA...LMAO...Oh yeah, my half-baked project is still in effect. Now I see how people lose so much weight from smoking weed. In the beginning you will probably eat everything in sight and I found out from one of my textbooks it is because something in the weed lowers your blood sugar and therefore makes you extrememly hungry. But after you smoke for a while, you eventually will not be hungry and cannot eat unless you smoke first. Its weird. Ive heard stories of this happening to people, but it never made sense to me because I usually get instantly hungry after I smoke. Well enough about weed...


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