Sunday, May 25, 2008

If EVERYBODY says it, then its probably true

One thing that I've learned is that people don't change. Well most people don't change. Its hard to do once you get stuck in your ways. I can say that I am a very stubborn person. I do what I want, and don't care if anybody likes it, as long as I like it. I have TOO MUCH Pride for myself and it complicates alot of things (esp. relationships) but I can't change that.

But however, I can recognize when I am doing wrong and try to prevent it. I know that if picking on my little cousin hurts her feelings, I won't do it. I know that "being ruthless" as my mother calls it, makes her feel bad, I cut it out around her. I know that if I really like somebody, that swallowing my pride a little can help things go alot more smoothly.

Its all about knowing. I hate people who always complaining that people are hating on them. Okay, if its a few people hating on you then maybe we can attribute that to them just being haters. But if MASS AMOUNTS of people are so-called "hating" on you, then maybe its you. Maybe it really is something that YOU are doing that is making people not like you. And we as people try and act like we don't care what others think about us, but we do. (Even I can admit sometimes I do)

So my advice would be to just try and recognize what it is that you are doing to make people not like you. Nobody ever said you have to change who you are, but you can change how you act towards people. I have a friend who claims that everybody is always hating on him. And I know ALOT of people who just don't like him because of the way he comes off on people unknowingly. His problem is he doesn't recognize that you can't speak to people you don't know or just met like you talk to your friends that you've been knowing. People that know you understand that sometimes you can come off as an asshole and you don't mean anything by it but somebody who doesn't really know you, does not. And what you call "keeping it real" translates as "self-absorbed asshole" to people who don't know how you operate.

I know many people who act this way. They don't know the boundaries between people who you know and people you don't know. Well they have no boundaries actually, its all the same. And it can't be all the same, well it can't be if you don't like "haters," but if you do, just continue being the asshole you come off as.

Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Quick Observation

I've been working a factory job for the past couple of days. Yesterday was Day 4 and probably was my last day. I may return tonight if I feel like it, but I doubt it. The first day, well actually night because I work 3rd shift (12 am-7am), I realized that this WAS NOT the job for me. Repetition is NOT MY THING. AT ALL. I HATE LIPGLOSS now because of this job. Like really. HATE IT. That is all.

Damn Shame, BET should be STONED!!!

For there new "dating" show "The Boot." I don't usually watch BET unless I am going through the channels and nothing else is on and I happen to catch Soul Plane or Baby Boy on TV. Otherwise, I don't watch it, or better yet, WON'T watch it.

But yesterday, I was at my brother house and decided to just see what this "new" show was about. I will admit to watching Hell Date every once in a while, but mostly only when Im at my friends house. She watches BET faithfully.

But anyway, back to what I was saying. BET should be ASHAMED for even thinking to release this show. It is SUPPOSED to be a dating show that combines Blind Date, Elimidate, and any other dating show you could think of. But yet the show fails miserably for one reason, well two, ONE because its on BET, and two because it was SO OBVIOUS that these people were acting, and not even good acting at that.

For one, the guys on the show looked like they were in costume, and their names were King and Hustle King. The girls on the show were definitely acting because I noticed how when they were supposed to be mad and upset, they looked as if they were holding back smiles and laughter. The show is definitely scripted and it SUCKS!!!!! TERRIBLY!!!! Like BET is at an all-time low for me when they come out with shit like that. No wonder they didn't want to air that episode of Boondocks because I swear I believe it is DEFINITELY TRUE that all the executives at BET do not give a damn about Black people and are only collecting checks.

I'm not saying BET should turn to PBS for black people, but what they shouldn't do is contribute to the already abundant amounts of Public Displays of Coonery that is being projected on a world stage by all forms of media these days. Its bad when people you don't know make fun of you, but its even worse when YOUR OWN people do it. But I guess it should be expected because BET is not actually a Black-owned network anymore. But I know it has to be some niggas who work there who should actually speak up and make sure bullshit like "The Boot" and "Take the Cake" dont become staple shows of BET's network.

Monday, May 12, 2008

HAHA..Jia is a Fool for This!!

Who wants to be called a "Bust it Baby?" Like seriously. Do better women. Just do better. Bust it baby though? Thats like the most degrading name EVER. And tell me why I see so many girls with license plates that say Bust it Baby.

A dude I was dancing with in the club was like "Shawty you know how to work your hips, you gone be my bust it baby for tonight." And I IMMEDIATELY stopped dancing, turned around and looked at him, LAUGHED IN HIS FACE, and walked off. Niggas are ridiculous. Just a rule of thumb, trying to game somebody by using shit that you heard from the radio IS NOT whats up, ITS LAME AS HELL. LAME. WHACK. I hate it. Just like I hate No Bitchassness...Be Original. Just cause Diddy, Plies, or any other celebrity said something DOES NOT make it Cool. It just makes you lame for trying to actually use it in everyday life. LOSER!!!!!

Bust It Baby Casting Call

Something Ain't Right with this Girl

Update: She's Bi-Polar. And was arrested. And is getting help. Thank God.

I'm Bout to Beat Yo Ass on this Train/ We on the MARTA, Imma do my Thang...HAHAHA

Glow in the Dark (Raleigh, NC)

Its funny how things work out sometimes. I was leaving Greenville and on my way home after picking up my cousin from school. We were in the car talking about this Youtube video of this crazy ass ATL girl on the MARTA, and ended up missing my exit and found myself all the way in Raleigh, which is about 45 minutes out of the way.

So I basically decided that since I was in Raleigh, I may as well go by the Altell Pavilion and buy some tickets to go to the Glow in the Dark show that night. So my cousin and I bought 4 tickets, and found two other friends to go with us.

We always end up being on crunch time when we have somewhere to go. So by the time I got home, I had like 30 minutes to get ready and then had to be out to go pick up my friend from Chapel Hill and get back to Altell Pavilion by the time show started. That definitely didn't work out. We got to the show about 8:00, and Rhianna was probably about halfway through her set, which meant we missed Lupe and N.E.R.D. (DAMN...CP TIME ALWAYS GETS THE BEST OF ME)

But to my surprise, but not really, KANYE WAS EXCELLENCE. He stepped out on that spaceship stage and rocked song after song, for the next hour and a half. I didn't even realize how much I actually liked Kanye until I saw how crunk my friends and I were (except one) during the show. We had lawn seats but we were hype like we were front row, naw like we were on stage. And after the show, we got gifts. Kanye's book, Thank You and You're Welcome. A great inspirational book. I'll probably make my kids read it when I have some and they get old enough to read it. One of my favorite things from the book is the "Missing Bannister Theory" which talks about the priniciple of how you can walk up or down stairs with no problem if there is a railing, but if there isn't one you're so focused on falling that you are more wobbly and less balanced. (just to paraphrase in my own words LOL) But then it says, "When you're so focused on what you don't have, you won't have!!!" That officially made it to my life mottos. Thanx Kanye.

Also, Shoutout to the drunk ass white people who sat behind us. And by drunk I mean, LEANIN, SLIZZARD, WASTED, TRASHED, all of the above. And to Lisa, who wanted to talk and explain every move she made like we really cared. And then said "Please excuse us. You know how white people can get." Hey...At least she knows. LMAO.

This Guy can SANG!!! (And He's Hilarious)

"Let me show you how we live on our Tour Bus"

I think I'm an Accident Magnet

Yes, Friday I was involved in yet ANOTHER car accident. This time it was more of a Fender Bender. I was up at 8:30 AM (first mistake) on my way to Greenville to pick up my cousin from school. I was in the drive thru line at Hardees ordering a Bacon, Egg, and Cheese when a truck comes around the curb with a trailer attached to it. The truck looks extremely close to me so I stop and decide to wait for it to go by before I move up anymore, but with my luck the trailer behind the truck scrapes against my front bumper.

I knew it was going to happen. I KNEW IT. I was up WAY TOO EARLY and thats all I could think of as soon as the trailer hit my car. LIKE DAMN, IT IS TOO EARLY FOR THIS. But because its only a slight scrape, I probably won't get it fixed, and just pocket the money that the man is going to pay me for it.

Say it with me now...SHOPPING SPREE!!!!! YAY ME!!!!!

Alright I've Decided

What I will do with my summer...

I have a few different plans depending on how things go today...

Plan A: Take my classes online and work, party, and play for the summer

Plan B: Go to 2nd summer session for 5 weeks, and work, party and play for the summer

There is no Plan C yet, and unless something goes terribly wrong, I'm not even entertaining the idea of a Plan C. Well Plan C might be get a job and GET MONEY!!!! NEW MONEY!!!....HAHAHAHAHA...inside joke.

Plus Brandi, if you read this, forward me the rules to that diet that you are on. You've lost like 9 pounds already and I need that diet in my life. I'm thinking about buying the Wii Fit game because I gotta get ready for Bikini season. ASAP.

Tuesday, May 6, 2008

My How Things Have Changed

I was re-reading this post I made and its funny how everything I said basically didn't happen. LOL. Like I said I was gonna get my swag back, but I never did. I didn't really realize it then, but I do know. After the shoutout, I was done. Like my attitude toward the blog is NOTHING like it was when it first started. NOTHING compared to how it was even back in December right before the album dropped.

Like I think back, and it really did feel like it was a job. Like it wasn't fun anymore. It became moreso something that I felt like I HAD TO DO and not something I just wanted to do. I guess thats why even now, I don't do too much with the blog. I haven't looked up anything on Lupe Fiasco in about 2 months, when 2 months ago, it was Daily Routine.

And I can't say that I miss it, because I don't. LOL. Not one bit. Because I HATE having to do something especially in this case when it got to the point where I really no longer enjoyed doing it. It wasn't Entertainment anymore, it was a job. And the whole thing I said about the shoutout being the "peak," or the "best its gonna get." Like really. I still think and will forever think that. It was my "skyscraper."

So what the fuck do you do now that you have the skyscraper???...

Riddle me that...Cause all I can picture myself doing is lounging on the rooftop, drinking a margarita, sitting back, and enjoying life and all that I've accomplished...

Monday, May 5, 2008

Leg Blocking. HILARIOUS.

Funny someone should mention "Leg Blocking," just as I had an hour long conversation with a friend about the many different aspects of Sex. We like to call "Leg Blocking," the "Hold up, Hold Up, Give me a Second, I'm not ready for this yet Move." Thats the move you do when the guy kicks into overdrive and starts trying to power drive you. Every one of my friends that I have ever talked to knows about the move that I assume all women who have a semi-regular sex life know about and probably have mastered.

My friend and I discussed how frustrated this move makes guys, especially if you do it too often. Guys want you to "take it" and "stay still" or "Stop sliding back and trying to run away." LMAO. But we also talked about how guys have developed moves of their own to counter the "leg blocking."

We observed that they will either do the "Corner" move, which is when they let you slide back as far as you can, or back you into a corner, where you can't get away anymore. Or they will try and hold your legs down so that you can't even do the leg blocking move at all.

But as my friend and I were talking, we realized that its almost easier to just "take it" when you reach this point because normally if they're doing the power driving, then it won't be too much longer anyway.

But I just wanted to comment on Leg Blocking. And it was so Hilarious to me the first time I read the link at the top because all I could think of was the Jay-Z line, "Pain is Pleasure, and Pressure Busts Pipes, and you look like the, I like it rough type." Sex is good but nobody is tryna get their Pipes Bust, hence the creation of Leg Blocking.

Awwwwwww. Beautiful.

In relationships, you must show proof of love and do something passionate. I once had a boyfriend fly from New York to Paris just to have dinner with me. It was very smart.

I'm not at the stage in my life where I could actually afford to do something such as this, however, this is the exact thing that separates the boys from the men. Making time for someone you say you love should never be a problem, regardless of how busy you may be. Everything does not have to be a compromise or a sacrifice, but its the little things that mean the most.

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