Thursday, March 13, 2014

That Moment (Old Post)

When you want to make a response to something, but you want it to come across in a cordial way. But its not really a cordial way to say what you feel needs to be said...

Yeah I'm there right now. Because real shit, anybody who wants to label me as crazy and drama-filled and negativity are welcome to make whatever decision they want behind that. And that comes across like I don't care but to me, don't let our friendship make you feel obligated to fuck with me. If you think you would be better off not associating or dealing with me, then I'll remove myself from your world. You won't EVER have to worry about me again. I'll provide that service for you. But when I walk away, please know, aint no coming back. Ain't no apologies. Ain't no I was going through some things and blah blah blah. Aint no I was drunk. Or I let this person get in my head. I'm not gonna care. Imma say whats up and keep it moving. Because if you wanna treat me like you don't know me personally, I can do the exact same.

"Live wit it. Now you gotta roommate" -Big Sean.

August 1, 2013 at 11:42 in MD

Know Me

You got me fucked up forreal.
I'm come from a bloodline of killers, my first instinct is to kill.
Okay, I'm lying, we some lovers, but you can get fucked up still.
I'm trying to love you, but you working my last nerve.
What did I do to deserve
this shit?
I can't even be mad.
I probably should be glad cause its sad but I know the life we could live more than likely would turn out bad.
What we had was a fad.
A glimmer of hope in a world gone mad.
My soul mate.
I'm afraid to admit that to you.
But sometimes it feels like I'm connected to you.
No Martin Luther King, but I be having dreams and a psychic told me once that you're not the one for me and even she can't see why I put up with you.
I don't know whats up with you,
but you got me FUCKED UP
The shit I deal with nobody would and you know thats real.
Your bitch mad at me cause she know how you feel.
Classic babymama shit.
Like I don't even know how you put up with it.
You a good one.
Can't knock a man for trying and I won't.
Give the side bitch role to someone who want it cause I don't.
You don't get it.
But you will.
One day you'll be on Facebook being nosey and run across a picture of me and my fiance posing.
You'll be stuck staring at the screen frozen.
You're not gonna wanna believe it until you notice
how hard I'm cheesing.
You're gonna remember that smile forever
because that'll be the moment you realize the chances of me coming back are NEVER.
I'll be out of reach.
You could call me but I probably won't speak.
I'm a faithful woman, I don't even wanna cheat.
And you know that.
And you got me fucked up forreal if you think I would blow that,
I put my life on the slow track FOR YOU.
You know what nigga?
I'm tired of explaining.
You a fucking headache, I'm tired of migraining.
I'm reinstating my pimp card on your ass.
You just play games boo, I. COULD. TEACH. A. CLASS.
Know me, cause listen...
You got me FUCKED UP forreal.

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