Tuesday, July 23, 2013

I must be depressed

Because lord knows I attract some of the most depressed motherfuckers. lol. I get it in a sense because I'm essentially living a life that I want to change for the better in various ways. I don't mope around because of it. I'm not out here tryna party and act like shit ain't real. I'm just chillin tryna take life one day at a time but everybody around me seems so depressed. Like I was so excited to be where I am for this month and for my birthday. I was ready to have fun, have a good time, show out and experience the city FOR ONCE. I actually had money and I was ready. Everybody knew I was coming and we decided to do this and that, and we went out of course, but that's nothing different from normal.

And the crazy part about it is people be looking at my like its my fault we haven't done shit. I'm like I've been waiting for yall. Every time Im excited to do shit, this person don't have money and that person don't really wanna go. I don't have much to work with. And its nobody fault. I'm not mad, I'm just over depressing and broke people. lol. I need some happy life living motherfuckers who don't mind spending money in my life. Those are my true kindred spirits. lol.  I feel sad as fuck right now for no real reason. That's the real sad part lol. I have fun in my spirit but it must be some spirit demons stealing my joy around me or something cause GOT DAMN. lol. I don't know where I belong. I leave NC to come have a life and get here and do less and spend more money than I probably would have if I just stayed my ass at home. I always end up like this for my birthday. I'm depressed. I need a money and fun miracle in my life right now. That would be love.

Until next time...

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