Sunday, March 30, 2008

The Rubberband says it all Right Now

You know how some people wear "Virginity Rings" (for lack of the correct term) to symbolize their vow to not have sex until they are married. Well my rubberband works the same way, except it will symbolize my vow to not settle for a loser.

The rubberband reads, "Fuck Niggas", and on the back "Until I Find A Good One." I will not remove this rubberband until I find a "Good Guy" who is worth me taking the rubberband off for.

Funny Story (well not really)

I lost my rubberband for a few days, and this guy I talk to who knows why I wear my rubberband noticed I wasn't wearing it and yelled out to my cousin, "She isn't wearing her rubberband. You know what that means" And my cousin proceeds to defer his dream and yells back "Yeah she Lost it" LMAO...I thought it was funny cause even though I like him, RIGHT NOW, the rubberband definitely WILL NOT be taken off for him. Especially after last night, I actually re-colored it and added the "Until I find A Good One" part because of him.

Which puts me on a tangent, Why do people try to get brand new, and then when they realize that I can get JUST AS, if not MORE BRAND NEW, they wanna get mad. Two can play that game honey. Remember that.

Line of the Night from last night:

My Friend's Friend: "Just go over there and talk to him. He just acting stupid. You don't mean what you saying, you know you like him"

Me: "Yeah I like him, but like is some shit I can get rid of by the end of this night"

Gettin my Kanye on for a second

Update: I visited Kanye's blog, 4/23/08, and he has this alarm Glo pillow on his blog. LMAO.

There's this Design website that I visit every once in a while to get inspiration when I feel I may need it. It crazy some of the things people think of these days...

A Pillow that Doubles as an Alarm Clock.

So instead of the annoying noise, you get waken up by a light shining in your eyes.

I just thought this was cute.

Friday, March 28, 2008

This is 1 reason why Kesh is THAT BITCH!!!

My aunt need to stop being lazy and teach me how to use a sewing machine like she been saying she would for at least the past 3 years, so I can do some shit like this. FIYAH...

I Don't Understand

Why when you show guys attention, they don't show you any back but AS SOON as you start ignoring their asses they wanna be all on your shit...

Its ridiculous and I don't understand. And guys say Girls are confusing...But I guess its the "Everybody wants what they can't have" priniciple that goes into effect...But its dumb. Why not want what you have?? Thats something I can understand.

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

I'm not the only one whose drink of choice is Patron Silver

And here is Bow-Wow at Love in DC serving Patron to the people. And why I wasn't there that night I HAVE NO IDEA. Cause I was definitely in DC that weekend and we had all intentions of going to Love that night. Damn...had I known the nigga was gone be giving out Free Patron, I would have been all up and through Love that night...LOL...$14 a shot is Ridiculous.

Saturday, March 22, 2008

When you're Nice, You Get NO RESULTS

I've been dealing with my insurance company all week, and I swear these motherfuckers REFUSE to do their job. I literally had to come out my mouth and tell the motherfucker handling my claim to follow-up on some shit he left idle SINCE MONDAY...

And I call his ass today, and HE STILL HAS NOT DONE IT. So then my aunt proceeds to get on the phone and in a nice tone manages to "cuss his ass out." She didn't actually curse at all but she pointed out to him that he's not on his shit, and that my LAWYER will be in contact with him soon. Yeah, Lawyer, so now the motherfucker wants to shape up and get shit done. Why does it have to come to this? Why did we have to threaten the man in order to get him to do his FUCKING JOB!!

But yeah, on some real shit, My Lawyer will be contacting him, and my cousin and I were joking about this earlier but it looks like it might be Me Vs. My Insurance Company Vs. A Car Rental Service...And when its all said and done, because I am NOT AT FAULT WHATSOEVER, I'll be singing a new tune soon if they keep fucking around with MY CAR and MY TIME...

"Bitch I'm Paid, thats all I gotta say, Can't see me lil nigga, My money in the way"
- Lil' Wayne

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What are the Odds?

Of getting into a hit and run accident on the Highway and getting hit TWICE, both the passenger and driver side, by a drunk/high driver in a STOLEN RENTAL CAR...

I would say Infinity to One...And March 16, 2008...I was That One...The Only Good Thing that has come out of this: It has prolonged my vacation until further notice.

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

(Rolling My Eyes)

All my 21 years of life my mother has NEVER tried to make me do anything. She says because growing up she was forced to do alot of stuff by her parents that she hated doing. Luckily for her I was a great child growing up. Besides being very opinionated and expressive about my opinion, I was great. I never once did anything "bad" in my mother's eyes, maybe to some of my aunts and uncles eyes but not to my mama.

But today, out of nowhere, she is trying to tell me what to do. And I don't know why she is even wasting her breath because she knows once I wrap my mind around doing something, I am going to do it. No matter what. She can get mad but she won't stay mad for long. I love my mama to death, but I've been making decisions on my own for what seems like forever now. We have a great relationship except when it comes to things that I want to do. She always has something to say about it. I respect her opinion but I don't care for it. And she knows that. And she always tries to make it seem like what I want to do can wait, but in this case, she wants me to wait for her. And Im not. And its not even that serious, I'm just going out of town for a few days, and she wants to act like I'm moving across the country. I don't really have to go, I just want to, and there is nothing wrong with that. I know why she wants me to wait for her, but she is a grown ass woman, and she made the decisions in her life, and I will make the decisions in mine. Good or Bad, Right or Wrong.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

More Funny Ass Pictures

Funny Signs

I need more friends who drive

Reasons Being...

(1) I can actually get the chance to sit back and RIDE and not have to be the one who drives ALL THE TIME

(2) My friends who do drive know the value of giving gas money. And not even just giving it, but they know that in this climate, giving anything below $10 is nothing. Gas is $3.29 and my car gets about 17 miles per gallon (which is ridiculous) Do the math

(3) I HATE DRIVING, therefore I would probably go more places if I knew I had somebody to drive with me.

But Im not even gonna front, some of my friends, I would NEVER ride in a car with them if they are driving. I've told them this before and they know why. Lives are at stake and they won't kill me. I got shit to do in my life. So maybe I should say I need more friends who drive that I trust with my life. LOL

Sunday, March 9, 2008

I Like Him...

But the nigga is CRAZY...

(1) Every guy in my phone he has to question me about. Even after I explain to him that I am friends with more guys than girls because girls are kinda iffy and guys are just cooler.

(2) Somebody called me from a number that I don't even have saved in my phone and he automatically assumes its a guy that I talk to trying to call me.

(3) A guy sends me a text saying hello, and now he is my man...

(4) I obviously can't have any guy friends because Im too cute and all they wanna do is fuck me, so they're only being my friends because of that reason.

(5) I told him that I do not care to check his phone and see what girls call him or what girls numbers are in his phone because what he does is his business, not mine. And he gets all upset because I say I don't care because apparently for some reason I should.

LMAO...I don't know what to do with him. But once he figures out that him getting mad over little stupid shit like those won't work with me, he'll do better. Because I can tell he is only doing it because he thinks thats what I want him to do, for some odd reason. He was just tryna get a reaction out of me because I told him that I don't argue. But then again, I don't know. But hopefully he'll stop because one thing I won't deal with is an overly jealous guy. Life is too short to have to be explaining myself all the damn time for no reason.

I'm Not Looking At You, I'm Looking Past You

I was talking to this guy one day and this is what he said to me...

Guy: "Its weird how you look at people. Like you don't look at them, you look through them."

Me: (laughing) Why you say that?

Guy: "I can tell cause your attitude towards somebody never changes from the moment you meet them. Its like the second you meet somebody you give them one look and you can tell if they worth fucking with or not.

Me: (laughing more)

Guy: "You're laughing cause you know its true. You do that don't you?

Me: Yeah...(laughing more and more)

This conversation was HILARIOUS to me because it was so weird how he could tell thats what I do. Like it was kinda crazy at the same time but I could only laugh because it was SO TRUE. I look through people. I see people for who they are. I don't try to create images in my head of what I want somebody to be, or what I expect them to be. I only see them for what they do, not even for what they say. Because I believe that words are really nothing, its your actions that count. And therefore alot of times, Im never surprised by some of the stuff that people do. Because everybody is a hypocrite, everybody has their moments, everybody wants to be bad, everybody wants to have fun. And who is to say that they shouldn't. Not me. I hate judging people based off of the things that they do because what they do in their life should not and does not matter to me.

Okay Im rambling...I gotta focus more of what I want to say...But I have to go somewhere right now. I will continue this on a later date...

Lesson Learned: Just Gotta Deal Accordingly

People are gonna be who they are and Im one to believe that no matter what you do you CANNOT change anybody. Because in moments of passion people always show their true colors. I've always been one to be able to set aside things and look at a person for who they are and accept it. I don't believe that because a person is known to be a bitch, a liar, a hoe, untrustworthy, selfish, or any other type of negative thing, that I can't be cool with them. I just deal with them accordingly.

By dealing with them accordingly I mean, I accept them for who they are and just manage our friendship or whatever in that manner. If somebody is a liar, I make sure not to tell them shit that they would try to throw my name in. If somebody is selfish, I make sure I always have a plan B. If somebody is a bitch, I make it clear that I don't give a fuck about their attitude and when they're with me, they WON'T get their way. See how simple that is. I've always been this way, but recently I've been caught slipping and fully depended on somebody that I knew was not truly dependable from the start. But thats my fault, I don't blame them for being selfish and unreliable, I blame me for trying to look past it when its just something that I can't change.

Cause alot of times some of the funnest (lol) people that I have ever been around were people that alot of other people did not like. I used to have people come up to me all the time and ask "why are you friends with such and such?" But thats just how I am. I don't care what you got going on with you, as long as it doesn't interfer with me. If we can come together and have fun and be cool, then you are alright with me. Most people know I am this why and thats why they fuck with me because I don't care what you do, as long as you DO YOU.

Friday, March 7, 2008

Last Night was GREAT!!

One of my cousins crossed Alpha yesterday so of course, celebrations were in effect...

Funny Story- I had maybe one to many shots of Patron and busted my ass trying to get out of my car in a Rite Aid parking lot in front of a car full of guys. And this was not a slight stumble, catch myself before I fall type thing, but a SMACK MY FACE ON THE CONCRETE type thing. And all I remember is laying there and laughing because I was too drunk to feel the effects of it then. But when I woke up this morning my knee was aching, and I took a look at it and its swollen with a few scratches on it. GREAT NIGHT...

And the most wonderful thing is that I am HANGOVER FREE...YES!!!! Patron is Officially my new favorite drink. But its crazy expensive in the club, it was $7 a shot here in NC which is not too bad, but in DC it was $14 a shot. I can get a whole small bottle of Patron Silver for like $23 and it has like 8 shots in it. I know this because my 3 friends and I each took 2 shots out of that one bottle. So yeah...PATRON and limes is where its at...

Thursday, March 6, 2008

Venting Moment

If you know that we've had plans to do something for at least more than 3 days, WHY WAIT UNTIL THE LAST MINUTE TO GET YOUR SHIT TOGETHER???

Its one thing if you didn't know, but you did. And then I'd be in the wrong if I just left you right? Cause I know when the story gets told again its gonna be, "SHE LEFT ME", and not "I WON'T ON MY SHIT SO I GOT LEFT." And then I always get stuck with the reputation of always being late for stuff. (and alot of times I am, but mostly for stuff that I don't really have to be on time for, so it really doesn't matter)

But I try to be a good friend, cause I am. I try to understand, cause I do. But sometimes I just feel that my kindness is being taken for granted. Niggas gone learn. ONE DAY. Cause I can be the rudest, most heartless motherfucker you would ever meet. My mother talks to me all the time about my "TAKE NO PRISONERS" attitude cause simply put "I DON'T GIVE A FUCK" about alot of shit. And its crazy cause I only deal with this type of shit because it comes from my friends. But anybody else would be left with no question, no answers, no nothing. Fuck you I'm gone. But see I try. I try. And I'm just glad where we going is not somewhere that we HAVE to be, just somewhere we want to go. So it really doesn't matter but still its the priniciple of it all. Cause this is not an every once in a while thing, it happens all the fucking time...

But whatever, I'll forget about it by the time WE DO LEAVE, cause I know Im going to have fun. But right now, Naw. Cause I'm not necessarily mad, its just one of those things that is a test to my pride and I ALWAYS just suck it up in this situation. Because my pride is screaming Fuck it, Just leave, it ain't your fault but I won't leave cause its my friends....

So I was talking to this guy

And we maybe sorta kinda like each other (lol) But thats not the point. We're talking about my friend and this guy that we're trying to hook her up with. And he asks me if my friend likes arguing because if she's going to talk to him she better, and then he proceeds to ask me if I like to argue. And I proceed to tell him that I don't argue. And I don't.

I'm the type of person who will look at you all mad and upset, yelling, cursing, screaming, arguing your little heart out and when you've stopped I'll kindly ask "ARE YOU FINISH?" And that usually makes guys even madder but whatever I don't see the point in arguing with you. UNLESS I feel like I have to defend myself but over some stupid shit, NAW it won't happen.

And then he proceeds to tell me, well we not gone get along cause you gone have to argue with me, because Imma need some type of feedback, you gone have to hit me or something. And again, I tell him, I don't argue, I'll talk to you and tell you how I feel, but all that back and forth...So not me.

But its funny because this is not the first guy that has ever told me this. Ive had guys try to pick arguments with me just to get some type of reaction out of me to make me wanna argue with them, but in the end, they failed. Because I don't see the point in being in a relationship with somebody where we have to argue all the time. But I see now that its so commmon in relationships that people assume that its the norm and they feel like they have to argue. That they have to get jealous over little stupid stuff and all that because "it shows that they are really in love." Which is ridiculous because I always thought arguing and fighting was a bad thing. But hey Maybe I'm wrong...

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

I've Never Been in a Fight in my life

Im not a very confrontational person. Im the type of person who loves to have fun, at all costs. However, alot of people try to take my kindness for weakness and wanna test me. But they don't know that this is a test that they WILL FAIL...

They don't know that under this small tiny beautiful exterior is a ruthless motherfucker who will at the drop of a dime be ready to BEAT A BITCH ASS. And this past weekend I got about the closest I ever have to being in a fight. I won't give the particulars but basically this girl was mad because her ex-boyfriend was showing me attention. And me being me, I was flirting, laughing, joking around and it wasn't anything serious. It was all in good fun. But OBVIOUSLY, the bitch was mad. And I only call her bitch because I can't remember the hoe name.

But long story short, the bitch tried to test me, and I was PREPARED more than she expected. But no fight this time, BETTER LUCK NEXT TIME...

Get Me a Munny

SOMEBODY GET ME A MUNNY and send it to me. NOW. I was visiting my girl Brandi's blog or maybe her other one (Not Sure) but I saw it and instantly fell in love. Ive seen them before but I didn't know they were a DIY project. And if you know me I LOVE DOING THINGS MYSELF (except for a few things that I won't mention LOL). Im gonna get my mother to buy me one and start my DIY Munny Project. Thanx for the idea Brandi...

And BTW, Kid Robot is Fly and I LOVE Yo Gabba Gabba.

Things I've Been Wanting to Say

I've been to DC for the past two weekends in a row. Both time for real extensive PARTYING. And both times I had the times of my life. But one thing I did notice while partying with DC/MD people is that they DON'T go to the club to party. Of course most of them are drunk and usually when I drink, I party my ass off. But DC/MD people seem like they go to the club to Stunt. And by stunt I mean to Pretend that they are Ballin' when I get the feeling that they really are not. Here are a few examples of why I think this...

(1) At first glance of the club, I noticed that EVERYBODY was standing around sipping drinks. Looking around at each other, posted up and stuff, like we were at a gala and not the fucking club. I walked into the club and immediately jumped on the sofa and started dancing, before the club had even started. Cause where Im from, we go to the club to PARTY, not POST UP.

(2) My brother and his friends pointed out that in order to dance with a girl, you actually had to go up and talk to them first and then MAYBE you would get a dance. NOT IN THE SOUTH, cause we dance. We dance so much and so hard that I did not actually see the faces of anybody that I danced with. And it sounds crazy, but I promise you can ask any girl from the South when she goes to the club, how often does she turn around and look at the guy that she is dancing with. The only time I do it is if the guy can't dance because he is too drunk or just simply can't dance, and I turn around to tell him that he can't dance or he too drunk to be dancing.

(3) I saw numerous niggas walking around holding up keys, jingling keys in the air, talking about "My Bentley, My Phantom." Now mind you, if I had enough money to afford a Bentley or a Phantom I would not be in the club dangling my keys around like I had something to prove. Thats the actions of a nigga that just wanna show off, and most of the time, niggas with MONEY, don't really try to show off. They don't have to. Cause Money speaks for itself, you don't have to speak for it.

Those are just a few of the observations that I noticed. Us in the South we know how to party and I love my DC/MD people but MY SOUTHERN PEOPLE I WILL PARTY WITH YALL ANYTIME, ANYWHERE...Also another topic that I will be back with is..."Northerners: Why Are Yall SO RUDE"...I'll be back with that...

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