Tuesday, February 26, 2008

New Life Venture: Write A Book

I was watching a commerical for a movie coming out called "The Bucket List." A Bucket list is a list of things that you want to do before you, well Kick the Bucket, Take the Long Nap, Bite the Dust, Clock Out for Good, or more simply put DIE.

So I have decided that I want to write a bucket list now because Im always thinking of things that I want to do before I die. I'm going to write it and add it on the side of this blog one day. But as for now, I just thought about one thing that I need to add to my list and that is WRITE A BOOK. I've already started on one book and I have like maybe 8 pages and I did that over a year ago. Its more of the "Flyy Girl," and "Zane" type book genre. You know, those sex & drama filled books that everyone loves so much. So I think Im going to pick it back up and continue to write a little bit each day, or when Im in the writing mood. I also think I am going to write a self-help book of sorts and an opinion book on different topics and my views on each topic. As well as a series of Children's books. I love writing so this will be fun for me. Wish me luck. I wanna write the books within this year, but Im going to give myself like 5 years. LOL. Seems like alot but I still have a lot to learn and experience, so we will see how this goes. Maybe I'll end up knocking out 10 books this year. I could do it. I don't do shit else, which reminds me, I need to get a life.

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Edison Chen? Lupe's Edison Chen? No Homo. LOL

Courtesy of http://www.perezhilton.com/ ...

A sex tape scandal involving Hong Kong pop star Edison Chen is being called the equivalent of the 9/11 disaster for the Hong Kong entertainment industry.


Apparently, Mr. Chen loved to film and photograph his sexual exploits with a number of Hong Kong's leading ladies and stored the juicy footage on his computer. He took said computer in for repairs and, gasp, someone stole the explicit materials off the machine.


Not good for the Hong Kong entertainment industry as it's 'virginal' starlets make them bank. And now Chen has dirtied up some of the prettys.

It's also reported that the mob in Hong Kong is heavily invested in the HK entertainment industry and are upset about the effect this is having on business. They are offering $500K to anyone who hacks off Chen's hands.


Stay here, Edison. It'll make you a big star in Hollywood!

DAMN...But I agree with Perez, Sex Tapes Makes Stars. Look at Kim Kardashian. You Better Get that Reality Show Sir. Speaking of Kim Kardashian, I was watching her show yesterday and her stepdad Bruce (side note: Who I didn't know was the sexy ass white boy Brody Jenners father) didn't really want her to pose for Playboy. THE GIRL HAS A SEX TAPE, in my eyes it gets no worse than that, she may as well walk around naked from now on. No disrespect to her though cause I actually like Kim, but lets not act like the only reason I have any idea who you are is because of your sex tape. You say you want to be respected and not looked at only because of your sex tape, but you pose for Playboy. I'd advise you to hit up a couple of charities, do a few low-budget girly movies, maybe become a nun for a little while or something, but NOT PLAYBOY to be taken seriously, like seriously. No Disrespect though, I Heart Kim Kardashian.

Edison, Edison...What happens in the dark ALWAYS COMES TO LIGHT...You Celebrities are so Absent-minded sometimes...

Operative Word for My Life: FOCUS

I need Focus. Major Focus. Major Major Focus. I have SO MUCH that I want to get done within a reasonable amount of time. I have ideas bouncing around in my head that are not getting the proper attention because its too much going on for me to FOCUS. I realize Im going to have to actually set days for me to do this, and days for me to do that, so that I can make sure that I give all my energy to whatever it is I want to do. Because right now if I stay on this path, I will end up at a dead end and just have to turn around and go back and find the correct path to take anyway...Which makes me think of a joke my Aunt told me over the weekend...

My Aunt: So Little Red Riding Hood was walking in the woods on her way to her grandma's house when she gets stopped by the Big Bad Wolf. And the wolf says "Bend over Little Red, and let me hit it from the back" And Little Red Riding Hood fires back, "Hell naw Big Bad Wolf, You gone EAT ME just like the book says"

HAHAHA...And even though I had heard it before it was still funny as ever to me.

But Back to what I was saying. I need to Focus. We will see how that goes, hopefully better than my lent compromises because with those I failed miserably. I had Burger King today, I curse just as much as ever, still bullshitting, still fucking with Lames (even though Im really done now after this past weekend), and it was something else that I can't remember but Im pretty sure Im still doing that.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

So I Was Watching Rob & Big

And they had a guy on there who was traveling the world in an ice cream truck and giving out FREE Ice Cream to any and everyone...

And as unstable and crazy as that may seem, as far as something to be doing with your life, I would so LOVE to do something like that...

Traveling the world in an RV giving out Free Condoms, Diaphrams and Birth Control Pills or something like that. I think it would be AMAZING!!! I would get to travel to different places, meet different people, and be totally under my own guidance and rules. Thats just about everything I want in a career rolled up into one....However I do not see how I could make money doing something like that, unless I got sponsors or something. So this idea seems like something I should do after I make my millions. So one day in life, if you see me in a RV in your town handing out something for free, come say HEY!!!

Friday, February 15, 2008

See This Cookie

Notice how it is Crumbling...That is how I feel my life is going right now...CRUMBLING...OUT OF CONTROL...And its nobodies fault but mine, and George W. Bush. I blame him because he's the president and he is doing a bad job, and thats basically his position, soomeone to blame. But whatever. Im Stressing. For NO APPARENT REASON. Well I have reason, but its reason thats in my control, sort of, and I could change it, I just haven't yet, and so therefore its no reason. But whatever, I allow myself to stress out 3 times a year, this one stress fess just happen to come a little earlier than expected.

Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Damn It Is "Black History Month"

Yesterday I said this exact statement to a friend when my Aunt tried to give me a Coretta Scott King Poster to hang up in my room and I declined it and she reminded me that it was Black History Month, which I had TOTALLY FORGOT...

Then we continued to have a conversation about Martin Luther King Jr. and I explained to her that from reading his Biography and other Civil Rights books, I had kinda lost the illusion I previoulsy held of him. An image that was put into my head as a child that Martin Luther King was "God," and was basically single-handedly responsible for the success of the Civil Rights Movement. And then we talked about him being a womanizer, and how his name was Michael until it was changed when he was around 12 years old, and other things. He appears more human to me.

But I took a Civil Rights Movement class and realized that Im more on the side of the grassroots movement and the SNCC/Student Movements that took place during those times. Martin Luther King Jr. is to the Civil Rights Movement what the President is to the United States...A Media Figure. In one of the book I read, I remember the SNCC people and other grassroots people talking about how they didn't even really like when MLK Jr. would come into their town sometimes because it would only create a media frenzy that would swoop in when he came, and leave when he left. Therefore creating chaos within the movements they were trying to make in their own communities. A good book to read: Debating the Civil Rights Movement. I can't remember the rest of the title but it talks about the Civil Rights Movement from two different perspectives. One of a top-down approach where they discuss how withouy the NAACP and SCLC and the government the success of the Civil Rights Movement would not have been as...successful. And the other approach is a bottom-up perspective that praises the grassroots, SNCC, and Student Movements for their work in getting "the people" involved. Because I believe without "the people" stirring things up and causing the government to react, we'd be living in a different world right now.

But back to what I was saying, It is Black History Month but Damn I haven't even seen McDonald's doing their typical Black History Month Commercials and things anymore. I just happened to learn alot about Black History in the past year because of classes that I've taken, but I know alot of people who have no idea about...The Wilmington Riots, Ella Baker's "Bigger than A Hamburger", Claudette Colvin, Fannie Lou Hamer, Bull Connor, Henry Box Brown, and even more stuff that I know but just can't think of right now because I have the worst memory EVER!!!

Black History Month Huh? Damn...Valentines Day is looking much more important it seems like to me (Even though Nobody Loves Me, and Valentines Day just reminds me of that, but luckily I don't celebrate made up Holidays anyway)...Maybe because its a Leap Year this year and there will be 29 days in February instead of 28...Whatever it is, I Definitely Forgot...

I Love Taking Showers!!

Call me Crazy, but taking a shower is one of the greatest things EVER!! Here's a conversation I had with my mama the other day...

Me: Man. Im about to go crazy its SO BORING. I gotta get out of this house.

My mama: Go do something, you driving me crazy...

Me: It ain't nothing to do right now. I guess I'll go take a shower...

My mama: Didn't you already shower today?

Me: Yeah...

LMAO...So yeah, when Im bored, I take showers. Not very environment friendly but hey, it takes my mind off of killing myself because I have nothing to do with my life during the week.

Minus the Noose looking thing on the side.

Monday, February 11, 2008

My Grammy Wrap-Up

Heart of the City Tour with Mary J. Blige...

This part of Beyonce's performance was FIRE!! It reminded me of Chicago and the whole "Pop, Six, Squish, Uh-Oh, Cicero, Lipschitz" song...I loved it!!!

I didn't know Sabrina (aka Melissa Joan Hart) was pregnant

T-Pain channeling his inner Bootsie Collins

This performance was aight. You could tell Beyonce held back but probably so she wouldn't upstage Tina Turner. So I understand that.

This outfit looks better on the red carpet than it did when he was onstage presenting. I see the idea he was going for but it kinda got lost in translation for me. But maybe its because I don't really like the color red.

I don't know who he is, But if I turned a corner and accidently ran up on him, Id probably scream and be scared as hell.

Aretha, Aretha. You need people on your team to let you know what you should and SHOULD NOT wear. This is a definite, SHOULD NOT.

Glow in the Dark Tour will be AMAZING...

I Love NIGGAS...I LOVE NIGGAS, cause niggas are ME...

I'm Loving It...Kelis and Nas...Don't let them Forget.

They tagged this picture as Lil' Mama and Chris Brown. That is Lil' Mama but Im pretty sure that guy is not Chris Brown.

She Tried. Thats all that counts right?...RIGHT?...

Saturday, February 9, 2008

Modern Women in Media

My Good Friend Courtney does a blog titled "Modern Women in Media," in which she discusses the different roles women play in the Entertainment Industry. She started it for one of her classes she is taking and I was reading over it one day and she was discussing a few moments that we both got to experience recently. And I just wanted to comment on a few things because I have ALOT to say in this area of things...

First of all, she talks about how networking is done differently from men and women. And moreso in the sense that it is essentially easier for a woman to network than men. I believe this to be true because (1) the industry is male-dominated and that creates a couple of different scenarios for women. A pretty face and/or body will always get you noticed, whether it was your intention or not. I can't tell you how many times I have been offered things just because somebody thought I was cute or because my hair is long and its actually real. But while that is one advantage on a woman's part as far as networking, it is at the same time a disadvantage, because you want to be respected for your work, and not your ass, or titties.

Then theres the term "groupie," which I ultimately define as someone who is trying to get something from somebody else. This is a very general definition because the typical groupies that are referenced are usually about sex, but then you can have "groupies" who want attention, love, fame, free stuff, or whatever. I know my friend can relate because we've been called groupies SO MANY TIMES in so many different situations. Courtney talked about a story where a guy we knew had just finished performing onstage and he was trying to get one of our phones to give him our number so we could maybe meet up with him afterwards, and like 10 girls behind us started handing him their phones and we had to kept screaming to him that those were not our phones. And I didn't hear the comment about the girl congratulating her because he told her that he'd just see us backstage, but that was not surprising. Cause of course we couldn't just be cool with him. It had to be some type of groupie shit going on RIGHT?...

Which moves me to my next subject of women thinking that its okay to sleep your way to the top. ITS NOT...NEVER HAS BEEN, NEVER WILL BE. Because lets say you suck and fuck any and everybody with any type of clout and "make it" to the position you want, NO ONE WILL RESPECT YOU. Because I know for a fact, the talking and gossiping and shit you THOUGHT you left in High School will reappear and everyone will have heard of you and your actions somehow. But I can't say that I don't respect women like Karrine Steffans (Superhead) because even though she is the prime example of sleeping your way to the top, she is real about it. She does not try to be anybody but herself, and Im an advocate for doing what YOU wanna do in life. But then women like her do ruin it for other women who want to try and do things the RIGHT WAY- working hard to achieve the things they want in life without getting handouts from people they've fucked.

Well I had more to write but as Im typing this, Im also watching a movie and it just got good and I got completely sidetracked. So therefore, I will continue this another time. And shoutout to Courtney. If you ever read this, Im glad you let up on Kid Sister. I mean Damn, you may not like her voice, and even though you think she really adds nothing to hip-hop music, she is doing alot better than the Lil Kims, the Remy Mas, and the Trinas who are definitely only fueling the fire that is really the cause of the "death" of women in Hip-Hop.

Wednesday, February 6, 2008

For Lent, I Am Giving Up...

(Remember the Movie, 40 Days & 40 Nights with the Sexy White Boy Josh Harnett??)

Okay so that was a joke. But Really I have a few things that I am going to try and tough it out for 40 days and 40 nights without...

1- Cursing: Its officially getting out of hand. I have a rule that I don't curse around guys I just meet. Its unlady-like, but lately that rule has been thrown out window all because of an out-of-control habit.

2- Bullshitting: I always say I wanna do a bunch of stuff, but I never actually do. Alot of it is because you have to have money to make money. And some of it is just pure laziness. But nevertheless, Im gonna do major work for the next 40 days & 40 nights. Maybe hardwork will then become one of my uncontrollable habits.

3-My Pride: I have a major sense of pride that reads as selfish, ruthless, uncaring, and all-around I-don't-give-a-Fuckness. And even though I don't necessarily think its a bad thing, Im going to work on it, especially in my Love Life area.

4-Fast Food: This will probably be the hardest thing to live without because it is my main source of food. But on the plus side, maybe I'll lose some more weight, get in better shape, and be EXTRA SEXY by the time Spring Break and Bike Week come around.

5-Lames: "Lames make me Sick" (c) Plies. Self-explanatory.

Back in Business (I Got Alot To Say)

Im Still Sick but Its whatever at this point. I've been sick for the past week so its not even affecting me anymore. All the sneezing, blowing my nose, eyes running, aches and pains, and all that has basically become my "new" normal for the time being. But I can't wait to get back to 100%, but this slight nagging cold WILL NOT Slow a Pimp Down...

Got my first FREE Gift the other day, as a result of my blog. Hopefully there will be more to come. Cause Free Stuff is quite possibly the greatest thing ever, next to Sex, Money, and Sexiness.

I've been evaluating whether some of my recent actions are justifiable for the situation that caused me to act the way I am acting right now. And I've come to the conclusion that YES, I have every right to act as I am. Because when I think back I've been NOTHING but nice, and haven't once proven myself to be a "bad" person. But what people don't seem to understand about me is that when I say I don't give a fuck, I DON'T GIVE A FUCK!!!! And once you're DONE in my book, You're done. I will still be cordial because I am not a grudge holding type person, however, the way I present myself to you will be in general terms and not in a way that will signify to you that we are anything beyond just being cool. Because I am a firm believer in that YOU WON'T FUCK ME OVER TWICE. I absolutely REFUSE to let it happen. And if that means I have to put in extra work, then whatever. But we can still be cool...I guess...lol

I went to Forever 21 yesterday and literally could not focus because I saw SO MUCH STUFF THAT I WANTED. A pair of shades and this sexy hat would have been mine if I didn't leave my debit card at home in my other purse. That must have been a sign from God that I needed to save my money, which I do. But MAN, those shades and hat was beyond a want, I NEED THEM IN MY LIFE.

Oh yeah, I also learned that if there is something, anything in the world that you DO NOT want people to find out. Keep it to yourself. Cause people will do anything to make themselves appear to be better than someone else when in actuality they are not. Especially when they are talking to people that they wanna "be in" with. But if you have to try SO HARD to "be in" with somebody, just know that it makes you look stupid. Because if they want you to "be in," you wouldn't have to try, they would just let you in. Heelstepping is NOT A GOOD LOOK!!! (Heelstepping, btw, is my new word for people who are followers. Comes from the action of when you follow someone to closely and you step on the back of their heels, usually by accident. And then the person heels you step on, if they're anything like me, will turn around and give you the "Back the Fuck Up off Me" Look.) So Yeah...

I think Im in Love...with Short Guys (or not too tall) wearing a Hat with Sexy Lips...

Monday, February 4, 2008

Crazy Past Week

I don't even know where to begin...

Sunday, January 27th- GREAT...
Monday, January 28th- Pleasant Day...
Friday, February 1st- Cool yet Disappointed...(in more ways than one)

I wish I would have wrote a bunch of stuff down like right after the fact cause I know I probably forgot a bunch of shit that I wanted to remember. I have MASS AMOUNTS of footage from those days that I will try to get up today, we'll see how that goes. I do have a few things to speak on that I just have to get off my chest.

Sunday- I have never stood up so much IN MY LIFE. Like I literally stood up all FUCKING DAY. By the time the concert started I was DONE!! Doubled over in Pain, Nose Running because I had accumulated a cold from standing in the cold. It was terrible. But I thoroughly enjoyed the concert. I was so inspired by everything that day. I saw how much fun they were all having onstage and it made me realize that I need to get on my shit so that I can be in a position where the job that I have brings me that much joy and sense of accomplishment. And is CRAZY FUN all at the same time. I also wanna start a band now. Cause I just wanna fuckin ROCK OUT!!! I mean it looks like SO MUCH FUN...

Monday- Things didn't quite pan out as expected. It was still cool though. We're always just standing around and getting invited into shit. Its weird. LOL. But I can't complain. Met some cool people that night. And I realized that I NEED MONEY cause H&M and For Love 21 is calling my name...

Friday-When I had to buy three tires at the start of the day, I should have known it was gonna be a crazy day. But the couple of minor setbacks didn't defer my dream, I still had a good time. Besides the ignorant ass motherfucker in front of us complaining that he was bored the entire time, it was cool. This concert wasn't at all as lively as the other one, but niggas was sick, and the crowd was kinda lame, well very lame.

And also this day I realized that even though I preach that at the end of the day looking out for yourself is key, you have to know that you live in a world with millions of other people and while friends are not necessary for living, they are important. Because you have to have a support system of sorts. Someone or somebodies that you can relate to and feel that they have your back and that you can count on them. Friends or family. And you have to realize that the decisions you make can greatly affect the friendship that you have with someone. Because you want to believe that people are your friends, and that they have your back and you can count on them. Because I know, for me, Im gonna look out for myself in situations, but Im also a Team Player. If we're making a team effort, then I know that its not all about me, and that there are other people involved who may be affected by the choices I make. And so I take that into consideration when making decisions that involve other people than myself. But you can't expect everyone to be this way, and I definitely learned that this day. Which is one of the reasons why I don't fuck with a bunch of people on a friend type level. Im cool with everyone but I only call a few people MY FRIENDS, MY BITCHES, MY NIGGAS...The motherfuckers that I rock with, the people who can call me ANYTIME, and I got them. Its sad when things like this happen, but it just goes to show that the quote "When People Show You Who They Are- BELIEVE THEM" is SO TRUE!!!! Fool me once, SHAME ON YOU...It won't be a second time. Life is TOO SHORT.


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