Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Favorite

I have a New Favorite Website, which is actually a blog...

I don't know who does it, why they do it or whatever. But what I do know is that it features some very fly, futuristic, astro-phenomenal type stuff on stuff I never imagined even existed.

Like for instance, Moody Sensiblog, is a device that you wear and it detects your moods and posts to a blog. Like it gives example of someone playing tennis, and it detects their heartrate, and sends that to the blog. So lets say they are doing bad, people are booing, and the device records the sounds that are making your heartrate go up. Like it detects sweat and all other bodily functions, so for instance if you're having sex, it can tell. LIKE ITS CRAZY!!!!

And say some blinds that you can put up over a wall to simulate a window. Like with the light shining through and everything that can be adjusted.

And an apartment building in Dubai, that looks kinda like an Ipod, that is built where it is tilted 7 degrees back. Inside the apartment, if the phone rings your lights flicker to signal it, and the lights in your room automatically reflect your mood. The living room and dining room is 360 so you can turn it to view anyway you want. Also looking out your window you can adjust what you want to be projected- NY, Chicago, or whoevers skyline.

Or a device that depending on how you grab it and hold it, makes it what it is. If you hold it like a camera, its a camera. If you hold it like a phone, its a phone. And this also goes for mp3 player, remote, etc.

This stuff is RIDICULOUS!!! And thats just what I remember...

This website is officially my new inspiration. Like you think some of the shit you think of is fly until you see what people are really doing, and then your shit immediately becomes yesterdays shit. Im tryna be ahead of the curve...

And I haven't given out the website for a reason, just in case you're wondering what it might be...HAHAHA...And don't ask, Cause I'll never tell...but you could probably find it if you really looked for it.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Local Celebrity

I love Fly T-shirts...

Its So Great!!!

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Love this Comic!!

After the Boondocks of course, Housebroken is my favorite comic. They actually sorta remind me of each other because they are both done by black men and definitely speak to black people and issues surrounding black culture.

Housebroken Description

A lot of rap stars go broke. A lot of rap stars own pitbulls. Housebroken tells the story of a pitbull rap star who went broke. Now living in suburbia with the family of his attorney, DJ Dog, A.K.A. Doggie Soprano A.K.A. The Notorious D.O.G. struggles to adjust to his new lifestyle.

Here is an animated episode of the comic


Oooooo...Its the LIGHTS!!!

You know how when you walk past a window and you look in, only to catch a glimpse of whats inside. Thats about as much of the Hollywood scene that I have been introduced to and from that small insignificant encounter I have gathered mountains upon mountains of information.

Here is my take on "Hollywood"

Hollywood consists of basically two types of people. The person in front of the camera and the people behind the camera. I have not had much direct contact with a person in front of the camera. But from the glimpse that I have had of them, they seem to realize that they are ultimately regular people just like everyone else. They are very nonchalant, and unfazed by alot of things, I think only because they have learned that what they're experiencing is their "new" normal. Screaming fans, and people always recognizing them and wanting their attention comes with the fame, and they deal with it accordingly.

Now this second basic group of people, the people behind the camera or entoruage, are who I have had more direct contact with. These group of people can consist of managers, personal assistants (aka RAMs), DJs, other artists, groupies, etc. I will put out the disclaimer that what Im about to say does not apply to everyone that I have met. I have actually met some very cool people who I will never speak a bad word about.

(This is the turning point of my ranting and raving)

HOWEVER, most of the "extra" Motherfuckers that I have encountered were just that "extra." One thing that Ive noticed from the start is that alot of the "extra" motherfuckers believe that because they may be associated with a star, that they are therefore stars as well...HA!!! Not even the case. Because basically Hollywood to me consists of a bunch of motherfuckers PRETENDING to be WAY MORE important than they really are. Because in Hollywood, there are more "extra" motherfuckers than actual stars. Everybody can't be a star. Everybody can't shine. People need to know their role, play their position, and ultimately just appreciate the situation that they are in because anyday they could be replaced. BUT NO...People wanna play the role like they're the star. Like that the shit they do will actually matter to anybody outside of them. Or they start to act Hollywood and begin to believe their own hype that they've hyped up for themselves. So they start giving motherfuckers the Hollywood treatment. That "have my people call your people" bullshit...But in actuality they are their own people.

I guess in order to make it you have believe in yourself. You have to know that you are a star, so that other people will believe you have star quality. I guess its sort of like a marketing tactic. A product wrapped in shiny foil wrapping will attract more eyes than if its wrapped in newspaper. That may go for aspiring artists, and other creative people, But what about motherfuckers who don't really do shit. These are possibly the worst people that I have encountered. The RAMs (Run Around Motherfuckers) who think they are important, who think they are irreplaceable, who think they matter. But Dont. Like nobody REALLY gives a fuck about you. Nobody.

And just to touch on the subject of groupies real quick. You have two different types of groupies. Groupies who just wanna fuck and then groupies who wanna get to know the star personally. But for me, theres no difference between the two because they both want something. They both are only around to get from somebody else SOMETHING that they want. Could be dick, could be money, could be time, could be a relationship, could be free shit, could be whatever but its still something. But guess what, groupies don't matter either. They are the lowest at the totem pole. Kinda like being a RAMs personal assistant....

Ok Im done with that, LOL...I have so much more I could say but then it would go from speaking generally to being specific, and as much as I don't give a fuck about people who don't matter, I won't take it there just yet. But Im pretty sure it will come and I will have to address it. Probably not in this medium but Im sure in some form or fashion...

With that said..."I WON'T EVER GO HOLLYWOOD," and thats a PROMISE!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

And So It Begins...AGAIN

I dont know if this is weird or not, but I LOVE BLOGGING!!!

But that may be moreso because I like writing and doing all kinds of other creative things such as coloring, designing stuff, arts & crafts, drawing, thinking of all kinds of things, etc. I get this phrase ALOT..."You must have been bored" And I hate that...

Because NO Im not bored, I actually don't get bored too often, Ive learned how to entertain myself and when I have spare time, which is like ALWAYS, I do stuff like Paint the walls in my room, or blog ( thats my other blog, thats my BABY!!) or just think of random shit that would be so fly if I could ever stop being so lazy and actually do it.

Well I've taken one step to putting my thinking and dreaming into action. Creating this blog. I will get into what the title of it means and what it represents and what it will become later. This first step is the most important right? So we will see where it goes from here, which at this moment can only be UP, so let the flyness BEGIN!!!


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