Wednesday, December 26, 2007


(Picks up Chair and Throws It)


Ok so Im not really mad. But that is funny as hell. The Boondocks is hilarious. But what I came to say Today is...Nothing really. Im just bored as (F). BTW, I've decided to try and cut back on my cursing. It has kind of gotten out of hand. Even though I am grown, nobody wants to curse around their mother. And lately I've been slipping up and cursing in regular conversations with my mama. So yeah I gotta work on that.

And speaking of conversations with my mother, here is one that I felt slightly uncomfortable about...Its Me, My Mama, and my aunt.

: My Vibrator isn't working anymore

Me: What??

Mom: Yeah she said her vibrator isn't working. But I told her that her husband is home now, so she don't need it anyway.

I am nowhere near a prude, one of my dream jobs would be a sex therapist or a sex seminarist. (new word) But having sex conversations with your mother and aunt about a vibrator is weird. And then they continued to talk about vibrators, and the different kinds (Tickler??) and the old sex expert ladies, Sue and Dr. Ruth.

Who by the way are just too old to give me sex advice. Not because I doubt their knowledge, which Im sure has come from years of experience, but because they're just old and I don't even want to imagine them having sex, let alone just openly and freely talking about it. AND ON TV AT THAT. I could only imagine if they were on HBO or something. But I don't want to...LOL...So I will leave it at that.

Sue is Already Doing Too Much on Regular TV...

I think somebody should give Karrine aka Superhead her own Talk Sex Show. She's a beast. And she wouldn't make me feel awkward when watching her show because she's not like 1,000 years old and talking about everything imagineable concerning sex.

Monday, December 24, 2007

My Photos From the Trey Songz Concert

These are some of the better ones.
He would move everytime I tried to take a picture.

Trey Songz In Concert

So I went to see Trey Songz one day last week. He performed at a Youth Empowerment program in North Carolina. The Program was pretty much based around him performing because I didn't see too much youth empowering going on. I saw a bunch of booty shaking and Soulja Boying and all that, which is fine by me cause I do my far share of both. But the program was weak and Trey Songz was cool. Im not really a major fan of his but I do think he has a wonderful voice. But it was weird seeing him perform because he sounds exactly like he does on the radio that he does live. Like there was no difference. And he was dressed very regular and I didn't like that.

When I go to see a show I want to feel your presence. I want to see Hollywood, and the glamour and the lights, and all that. Like for instance, Jay-Z's stage presence is so fly. Like his overall demeanor is fly. He talks fly, he dress fly, he walk fly, he embodies flyness. And for me the celebrity apsect of Trey Songz did not transpire into that show at all. It was like they pulled some regular guy out of the crowd who could sing real good. I just didn't see his star quality so much that night. I did however see the cockiness that is Trey Songz. He knows he is sexy and that he could have had ANY GIRL in that room. Like he kept this smile on his face that was saying "Yeah all these hoes want me. They screaming my name. Which one of yall hoes want me the most." LMAO...

But all in all, it was cool I guess. My friend enjoyed herself so thats all that matters. She got some great footage of him on her camcorder. I took some pictures that Imma put up one day when I get the chance. I just wanted to write this down before I forgot all about it.

Side Note: Christmas is tomorrow...Is ANYBODY excited about it??? Cause Im not. Another day, Another dollar. HAHA

My Newest Campaign

Fuck It!! Add More Femmes...
The Beautifully Titled Campaign...(The Cursing Gets the Point Across)

Here is where I stand with the whole thing. I understand that some people may not want anybody who was not there from the beginning to be repping something that they really have not put in any work for. Or they don't want the Femmes to become infiltrated with groupies and crazies. Or they basically don't want someone to be stealing "our" shine. Ok all that is understandable. But heres my thing...


Its Not That Serious Anyway...It is...But Its Not...I don't like to take it too seriously...But People like Brandi, Melissa, Courtney, and whoever else have been showing love for a minute now should be able to be apart of it. Nobody is gonna take our shine. We all know who started the Femmes, who puts in work, and all that. At this point, its bigger than that. Its about much more. We'll never be able to progress and "Do Big Things" if we can't get over this small hump. I mean Lupe knows who we are, maybe not each and every one individually, but collectively, yes. If he already knows you individually adding more Femmes won't affect you because he already knows you, and if he doesn't, it won't affect you either, because he don't know you. Its a win-win situation for everyone.

But its not my decision because I do not handle the Femme Fiasco stuff, I just do the blog. But If there ever is a vote, My Vote goes for Yay...Add More Femmes. Because more people can only help us, even if they are groupies or crazies. Shit...most of the Femmes get called groupies, stans, and whatever anyway...SO WHATS THE DIFFERENCE??? I mean would this even be a big deal if Lupe did not give us the shoutout? I don't think so because now everybody wants to be apart of it, but can you blame the people who genuinely did not know about us pre-shoutout? No. Where is the love???...

BTW, like I said Brandi if you read this, whether you are added to the Femmes or not, I still want you to be apart of everything because you were there just as long as some of the others, and you actually do something, more than some of the others. So like I told you, you're officially the Blog's Design Diva cause you do major work without even being asked.

Friday, December 21, 2007

I'm Better Now. HAHA

I was re-reading my last post and I imagined myself in a mental ward, strait jacket and all, screaming out "Lupe Fiasco is taking over my Life" Again and again and again while rocking back and forth, and drooling while my eyes were twitching....LOL...

But Im good now. Still haven't got my swagger back, but I haven't had time actually. But I have got my mind right, so the swag shall fall back in place pretty soon.

On a happier note, Im going to see Trey Songz tonight. So the night shall be fun. I'll be with one of my ride or die bitches, so WHO KNOWS what may happen tonight. She's in love with him and gave me specific orders that if we happen to see him personally, to not let her do anything crazy cause she don't know what she'll do to him. HAHA...Her facebook status is, "Pray for Trey Songz because I don't know what Im capabale of." So yeah, Im a little excited. Not really though. lol. I never get excited over anything. It is very RARE cause Im not an extreme emotion person, Im very moderate. Im only anxious to go because I wanna see how my friend is gonna react to seeing Trey. Its gonna be HILARIOUS!!! Hopefully she will start having heart palpitations and all other crazy stuff, so I can get my laugh in for the night. And yeah, seeing Trey Songz perform won't be bad. LOL...I hope he sings, In the Middle, Just like the first Four lines of the second verse and I'M GOOD for the night. We'll see.

Im Pretty Sure He'll be Taking his shirt off Tonight...SO...

I will be taking MANY PICTURES, maybe a few videos if they let me have my camcorder. All the details when I return...

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

I Feel The Pressure

Lupe Fiasco is taking over MY LIFE!!!

With that statement said, Don't get me wrong. I am a Fan of Lupe Fiasco. I decided to create a blog showcasing the things I find most interesting concerning all things concerning him. And I am so grateful for the Enormous boost that he has given my site from the shoutout he gave it on his album. I Love It All...But...

I feel the pressure to basically just keep it up. Like its not hard at all. I've developed a system where I know exactly where to go to find what I need. And since the shoutout, alot of people do the work for me by sending me links and things that they have come across. But just the pressure to uphold the greatness of the site. Like I feel Lupe giving the ShoutOut was the ultimate. Like it doesn't get any better. It definitely could get better but in my mind, that was it. The was the grandiose moment, the culmination of what I had started the blog for- to get the attention of Mr. Lupe Fiasco. And now that I have his attention, as well as the attention of about quadruple the blog readers pre-shoutout, I don't know where to go from there. Everyone has big ideas for the blog and all the groups associated with it. But Im still feeling like I don't know whats going on. Like alot (well not really) is going on thats crazy to me.

Like when I said I feel that Lupe Fiasco is taking over my life, I mean that there is not one day that I can go through without him. And its in a difference sense now, like when before I was doing the blog ultimately for me. But now its like Im doing it for everybody else. For Lupe, for the Femmes, for everybody else who reads. And like that reason is why I moreso didn't want anybody to know I do the blog. Well nobody in my personal life, as opposed to my internet life. Thats why I don't have Lupe Fiasco posted all over my myspace or Facebook, why I don't rep Femme Fiascos as hard as the others, why Im not really bragging about the shoutout. I get tired of talking about Lupe Fiasco, day in and day out, blah blah blah. Im a Fan, but Im more of a Jay-ish Fan, laid back and cool, as opposed to a Diddy-ish fan, flashy and in your face.

The blog has almost become my job. Not in a bad way, but in a way where I feel like I can't really fuck up anymore. I couldn't not "go to work" for days or just quit altogether now. Like I could but I just couldn't. And I won't. I just have to get back in the mind state of when I first started the blog. That this blog is for me. It is about Lupe Fiasco but its my take on Lupe Fiasco. Its how I feel. Its my blog. I gotta bring the funness (new word) back into it whether my new readers like it or not.

I feel like I lost my swag. But it shall return...'08 WILL be a great year.

My Facebook Interview

Facebook has an interview application that I think is the best thing ever. I add a few each time I get on Facebook. I use it as sort of a glimpse into my mind and also just because I enjoy reading interviews and being silly. And through this application I get to mix the two.

What is your favorite song of all time?
Jay-Z "Song Cry"

how many licks DOES it take to get the center of a tootsie pop???
IDK...But I do know how many licks it takes to...Nevermind.

What do you want?
I want a double cheeseburger and hold the lettuce, don't be frontin son, no seeds on the bun...

Last film seen
SuperBad...P in Va-G lol

My place or yours?
why not both?

Have you ever popped, locked, and dropped it?
Is my name Megan? You must dont know me.

Relationships or hook ups?
I can Multi-task, So Give me Both

Sex before marriage or after marriage??
Before AND After

Two sports I played in middle school?
Softball and Cheerleading

College degree in what?
Procrastination with a Minor in Facebook/Myspace

Favorite hard liqour?
Platinum...2 and a half Shots!!! haha

What I dislike most about the general public is...
that we are ignorant to just about everything

Is there any circumstance where cheating is okay?
Yes, and the circumstance's name is Mr. Powell...haha

What motivates you?
life and creativity...and sexiness

When will you be in Chicago next?
haha, how did u know I went to have no idea though.

what is love?
who the fuck knows??? lmao

how many people does it take to screw in a lightbulb?
haha...It takes at least two people to screw but I don't know how they would fit in a lightbulb.

Biggest turnoff in the oppisite sex?
Not Being Themself...Everybody not Gangsta!!!

Favorite perfume?
Unforgivable and Jean Paul Gaultier For Men

Is this boring?
No Way!!! I Love this Interview Thing

Whats the First Thing You Notice In A Boy/Girl?
Boy- Lips Girl- Ass (LOL)

What language would you like to speak fluently?

What is your dream job?
Hypeman, Socialite or Heiress

What came first, the chicken or the egg?
probably which ever one is a male

What attracts you most?
Sexy Guys with sexy lips wearing a Hat who can make me laugh and is not afraid to be themself at all times.

How many hobbies do you have
2- Making It Rain & Coloring

Do you say "I love you" in the relationship?
Pimpin Rule #1...We don't love these hoes.

What is your favourite word?

What makes you cry?
Being real mad

What makes you laugh?
dancing crackheads, and drunk people

If you won the lottery, how would you spend your millions?
Ballin Out of Control...Traveling the World

Do you believe that the cup is half empty or half full?
depends on how thirsty I am

What do you do for fun?
talk to people and make them think Im a sex crazed lesbian who love having orgies with her friends. LOL...Right Tiffany?

What 3 words would your best friend use to describe you?
wild, weird about guys, funny

Most embarrassing moment?
hahaha...everytime I drunk dial someone

Your favorite Disney Films?
The Little Mermaid

Who are you going to vote for in 2008?
Jay-Z for President
Favorite fruit?

Define yourself in 3 words...
me, me, me

What is your favorite TV show?
Law and Order: SVU & Fresh Prince

Boat or bus?
private jet- much more efficient

Where do you want to travel next?
Tokyo- to do some shopping

What would you do if Michael Jackson asked you out
laugh in his face and then get a restraining order

If you could have one super human power what would you choose?
teleportation...I hate driving

Have you had a beer in the last week?
NO WAY!!! Beer is digusting

How tall are you?
5'0' and 1/2

Just A Little Something To Say

I hate people who are easily influenced. Like people whose favorite color may be red, but if I say I hate red, then all of a sudden their favorite color is blue. It makes me angry. Like what do you stand for? What do you believe in? If my favorite color is red, and every motherfucker in the world hates the color red, then I will be the only bitch in the world rocking red. (side note: I hate the color red) You should stand up for what you feel, what you believe, what you're passionate about. If you wanna do something, but nobody else whats to do it...FUCK it anyway. Because more than likely if what you're doing succeeds even a little bit, motherfuckers will be ready to jump on the bandwagon anyway.

And speaking of bandwagon, I WILL NOT DEAL WITH BANDWAGON MOTHERFUCKERS. Its a difference of you knowing something and not knowing. Like for instance, if I have something and Im telling everybody I know that this something is the best thing ever. And they're like awwww, that something aint shit. It aint nothing. But then lets say my something gets a little attention. If you didn't know about my something to begin with and all of sudden you think my something is hot, cool. But lets say you knew about it from the start, AND NEVER fucked with it when you had the chance, and then now that my something is Hot, you wanna fuck with it...NAW. Fuck That. Get your own something. And I don't care how much you have to offer me, I don't need it. I don't want it. I don't give a fuck about it. Keep it. Cause its a respect issue. Don't doubt me, then when I do good, you wanna join in. Naw...I'm cool. My bandwagon is full.

But back to what I was saying. I kinda went off on a tangent there. Be You. Do You. Stick to your opinions and feelings. Its not a good thing that somebody can always change your mind with a few words. You're basically setting yourself up to be taken advantage of and thats not a good thing. Ok Im done. I just had to get that off my chest because I've been seeing alot of that lately.

Have a Great Day!!! LOL...

Monday, December 17, 2007

My Other Blog's Year In Review

Imma get my Turbo on for a minute...

REWIND: February 20, 2007...sitting in my dorm room, BORED,
looking at thinking "DAMN I COULD DO THAT"

Fast Forward 2x...."Since Im the only one reading this blog right now"...

Fast Forward 4X...Shoutout to KennyKenKen, Isaac, Rhoyal Fiasco, KayCee, and Laissez Faire, the OFFICIAL MEMBERS OF THE BLOG...

Fast Forward 6X...Fiasco Fam & Femme Fiascos...

Rewind 4X..."KennyKenKen: "This Blog is Gonna Get Big"...

Fast Forward 8X... KayCee: Lupe Fiasco just shouted us out on the radio BITCHES...

Fast Forward 16X...KayCee: Lupe Fiasco fucking shouted the blog out on "The Cool"...


And PLAY..."Thanx for all the love that everyone has showed this blog, especially Mr. Lupe Fiasco, BISHOP G, the entire FNF Crew, Fiasco Fam, Femme Fiascos, All the Faithful Blog Readers who comment because in my eyes you're the only ones that REALLY matter, (just joking...kinda)

To Be Continued...2008 and Beyond...

Roll Credits...Cue Music: BIG UPS...TO ALL MY HATERSSSSSS!!!!!!

Trailer for 2008: "Thank you for letting me do this interview Mr. Lupe Fiasco...(hint, hint)

Monday, December 10, 2007

The Start of Something Great

First of many...I just wanted to put this up here for some motivation, so that I know when I start shit that I need to actually finish it. I have such a great vision for this shirt, Im just lazy as fuck at the moment.

Plus finals and stuff. But after this week, ITS POPPIN. I should maybe start giving myself due dates or something. That might would help the laziness. Maybe. Doubt it though cause I only have to answer to myself if I don't meet the due date. I gotta do better though. At this very moment I should be studying for my exam tomorrow, but Ive decided Im gonna sleep for about one hour and get up early and study. Wish Me Luck!!!

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Please Tell Me Im Not The Only Person

WHO LOVES The Movie "Soul Plane" Im watching it right now and I swear I could watch it everytime BET plays it, which is beginning to seem like every damn chance its an open slot in their programming. I swear that and Baby Boy has to be the only two movies BET play. They should get my favorite movie of all time, 'Don't Be a Menace To South Central while drinking your juice in the Hood." I know that movie WORD-for-WORD...I just like laughing, as I've sorta mentioned before, everything doesn't have to be a serious, Oscar winning performance. We can just be entertained for the sake of ENTERTAINMENT.

All work and no play is not the way to get through the day.
Fuck up a little bit, nobody really cares.

Monday, December 3, 2007

Lil Wayne is...

I don't even have words for him. I fuck with him though. I love reading interviews of celebrities that I know are gonna say whatever comes to their head and not gone give a fuck. And Lil Wayne definitely fits into this category.

His article in Ozone magazine is hilarious, and since this is the sex issue they ask him question about sex and his response to the question about what advice would you give to a woman sucking dick is PRICELESS...He's like have you ever ate a popsicle burger? You don't want your teeth to freeze do you? Dont put them motherfuckers on ice bitch. Keep sucking til it gets smaller and smaller until it gets down to liquid and you can just swallow it.

YOU NASTY...Which is like my favorite Lil Wayne Song EVER...5 foot 6, nice size dick, long ass hair, you can pull my shit, I don't even care, we can do it anywhere, bust one in the elevator, one on the stairs, she separate her legs on the arms of the chair, sex is in the air, she want me to hit it rare, that means raw...

I can gurarantee if you start this verse up around any niggas, THEY WILL finish the whole damn song for And I know this because me and my friend did an experiment to test it...LOL

to read the entire magazine if you want

Toes Done Up, and Her Fingernails Match...

I Fux Wit This Song...Everythang don't gotta be LYRICAL...We Can Just Party...Soulja Boy FOR LIFE...(Shootout AYE Shootout AYE) hahaha...But Forreal, I been listening to Soulja Boy songs for YEARS before I knew his name was Soulja Boy, before I knew how to Superman that Bitch or Supersoak that hoe, or Crank dat Dance...back when we just labeled the shit ATL Music...So I Fux wit Soulja Boy and this song (no relation to Soulja Boy lol)

by Kid Sister featuring Kanye West.

I Love This Comic!!

Sunday, December 2, 2007

Life & Creativity

Anybody who really knows me understands that as far as college and higher education go...I really dont give a fuck about it. Like I have no problem with learning new things, being in "the know" and participating in establishments dealing with education. But I don't like that I am forced to memorize specific facts, just for tests (which I end up forgetting once tests are done) and only to receive a piece of paper (a degree) that in the grand scheme of things really means nothing except that I started something and finished it.

The ONLY reason that I remain in college is my mother. Everytime I bring up how much I would rather be doing something else with my life instead of wasting it in college, she gives me the "My only dream is to have one of my children be a college graduate." And since my brother is definitely astray from that path, its all on me. Like I don't feel any pressure because I know I will finish. Like its nothing. And Im on scholarship so I don't pay anything for school. But its just knowing that all this work will ultimately amount to nothing, in the grand scheme of things for me, like as far as my plans go for life. I wish I could just audit my classes so I wouldn't have to actually participate in the grading/test aspect of it, and just learn to learn, and still being able to receive a degree from it. Yes having a degree may allow me to get a better job once I graduate but I plan only to work to make money so that I can do what I really wanna do in life...and thats basically to ENJOY IT...

Im a creative type as I said before, and I vow never to be stuck behind a desk doing paperwork, unless its for something of my own, and then I'll probably hire a lackey to do that type of shit for me. Its so easy to go by the status quo and go to college, and get a job/career, work for years upon years, and then retire. That to me is the easy way out. I respect the people who follow their dreams of doing whatever it is they want to do, alot more. They are my idols. Because its alot harder to be different, to not conform, and just do what you want to do for you. And Im definitely an advocate for DOING YOU. For being the person you want to be in life. For living life to your standards. And thats what I plan to do...After I graduate...My mama better be Glad I love her, and if she says being a college graduate is her only dream for me, then I will make it a reality.

Scarred For Life

This is by far the SICKEST, most DISGUSTING display of PORN I have EVER encountered!!!

I couldn't even get past the inital 30 seconds of the video, and from what I hear what goes on throughout the entire video is nothing compared to what happens in the first 30 seconds.

WHO ENJOYS THIS?? Is my only question in response to this video..

I've seen my fair share of pornographic material and have NEVER seen anything like this, so again I ask WHO? Prepare yourself if you plan to click this link...And by Prepare I mean, Brace Yourself to live with these images for the rest of your life or at much least longer than the normal attention span. Cause it is definitely something that is not easily forgotten.

Thursday, November 29, 2007

New Favorite

I have a New Favorite Website, which is actually a blog...

I don't know who does it, why they do it or whatever. But what I do know is that it features some very fly, futuristic, astro-phenomenal type stuff on stuff I never imagined even existed.

Like for instance, Moody Sensiblog, is a device that you wear and it detects your moods and posts to a blog. Like it gives example of someone playing tennis, and it detects their heartrate, and sends that to the blog. So lets say they are doing bad, people are booing, and the device records the sounds that are making your heartrate go up. Like it detects sweat and all other bodily functions, so for instance if you're having sex, it can tell. LIKE ITS CRAZY!!!!

And say some blinds that you can put up over a wall to simulate a window. Like with the light shining through and everything that can be adjusted.

And an apartment building in Dubai, that looks kinda like an Ipod, that is built where it is tilted 7 degrees back. Inside the apartment, if the phone rings your lights flicker to signal it, and the lights in your room automatically reflect your mood. The living room and dining room is 360 so you can turn it to view anyway you want. Also looking out your window you can adjust what you want to be projected- NY, Chicago, or whoevers skyline.

Or a device that depending on how you grab it and hold it, makes it what it is. If you hold it like a camera, its a camera. If you hold it like a phone, its a phone. And this also goes for mp3 player, remote, etc.

This stuff is RIDICULOUS!!! And thats just what I remember...

This website is officially my new inspiration. Like you think some of the shit you think of is fly until you see what people are really doing, and then your shit immediately becomes yesterdays shit. Im tryna be ahead of the curve...

And I haven't given out the website for a reason, just in case you're wondering what it might be...HAHAHA...And don't ask, Cause I'll never tell...but you could probably find it if you really looked for it.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

I Love this Comic!!

After the Boondocks of course, Housebroken is my favorite comic. They actually sorta remind me of each other because they are both done by black men and definitely speak to black people and issues surrounding black culture.

Housebroken Description

A lot of rap stars go broke. A lot of rap stars own pitbulls. Housebroken tells the story of a pitbull rap star who went broke. Now living in suburbia with the family of his attorney, DJ Dog, A.K.A. Doggie Soprano A.K.A. The Notorious D.O.G. struggles to adjust to his new lifestyle.

Here is an animated episode of the comic


Oooooo...Its the LIGHTS!!!

You know how when you walk past a window and you look in, only to catch a glimpse of whats inside. Thats about as much of the Hollywood scene that I have been introduced to and from that small insignificant encounter I have gathered mountains upon mountains of information.

Here is my take on "Hollywood"

Hollywood consists of basically two types of people. The person in front of the camera and the people behind the camera. I have not had much direct contact with a person in front of the camera. But from the glimpse that I have had of them, they seem to realize that they are ultimately regular people just like everyone else. They are very nonchalant, and unfazed by alot of things, I think only because they have learned that what they're experiencing is their "new" normal. Screaming fans, and people always recognizing them and wanting their attention comes with the fame, and they deal with it accordingly.

Now this second basic group of people, the people behind the camera or entoruage, are who I have had more direct contact with. These group of people can consist of managers, personal assistants (aka RAMs), DJs, other artists, groupies, etc. I will put out the disclaimer that what Im about to say does not apply to everyone that I have met. I have actually met some very cool people who I will never speak a bad word about.

(This is the turning point of my ranting and raving)

HOWEVER, most of the "extra" Motherfuckers that I have encountered were just that "extra." One thing that Ive noticed from the start is that alot of the "extra" motherfuckers believe that because they may be associated with a star, that they are therefore stars as well...HA!!! Not even the case. Because basically Hollywood to me consists of a bunch of motherfuckers PRETENDING to be WAY MORE important than they really are. Because in Hollywood, there are more "extra" motherfuckers than actual stars. Everybody can't be a star. Everybody can't shine. People need to know their role, play their position, and ultimately just appreciate the situation that they are in because anyday they could be replaced. BUT NO...People wanna play the role like they're the star. Like that the shit they do will actually matter to anybody outside of them. Or they start to act Hollywood and begin to believe their own hype that they've hyped up for themselves. So they start giving motherfuckers the Hollywood treatment. That "have my people call your people" bullshit...But in actuality they are their own people.

I guess in order to make it you have believe in yourself. You have to know that you are a star, so that other people will believe you have star quality. I guess its sort of like a marketing tactic. A product wrapped in shiny foil wrapping will attract more eyes than if its wrapped in newspaper. That may go for aspiring artists, and other creative people, But what about motherfuckers who don't really do shit. These are possibly the worst people that I have encountered. The RAMs (Run Around Motherfuckers) who think they are important, who think they are irreplaceable, who think they matter. But Dont. Like nobody REALLY gives a fuck about you. Nobody.

And just to touch on the subject of groupies real quick. You have two different types of groupies. Groupies who just wanna fuck and then groupies who wanna get to know the star personally. But for me, theres no difference between the two because they both want something. They both are only around to get from somebody else SOMETHING that they want. Could be dick, could be money, could be time, could be a relationship, could be free shit, could be whatever but its still something. But guess what, groupies don't matter either. They are the lowest at the totem pole. Kinda like being a RAMs personal assistant....

Ok Im done with that, LOL...I have so much more I could say but then it would go from speaking generally to being specific, and as much as I don't give a fuck about people who don't matter, I won't take it there just yet. But Im pretty sure it will come and I will have to address it. Probably not in this medium but Im sure in some form or fashion...

With that said..."I WON'T EVER GO HOLLYWOOD," and thats a PROMISE!!!

Friday, November 23, 2007

And So It Begins...AGAIN

I dont know if this is weird or not, but I LOVE BLOGGING!!!

But that may be moreso because I like writing and doing all kinds of other creative things such as coloring, designing stuff, arts & crafts, drawing, thinking of all kinds of things, etc. I get this phrase ALOT..."You must have been bored" And I hate that...

Because NO Im not bored, I actually don't get bored too often, Ive learned how to entertain myself and when I have spare time, which is like ALWAYS, I do stuff like Paint the walls in my room, or blog ( thats my other blog, thats my BABY!!) or just think of random shit that would be so fly if I could ever stop being so lazy and actually do it.

Well I've taken one step to putting my thinking and dreaming into action. Creating this blog. I will get into what the title of it means and what it represents and what it will become later. This first step is the most important right? So we will see where it goes from here, which at this moment can only be UP, so let the flyness BEGIN!!!


Seventeen Daily Freebie