Monday, October 27, 2008

October 9th

That was the date of my last post. I'm slacking HARD. But I have reason. I've been busy as hell. Between Schoolwork, Working, Buying Dress Clothes (that I am going to be re-imbursed for YAY), and chillin with friends, I haven't hardly been on the computer at all.

Nothing big to update. I've still been on my Half Baked project. Going well. Have you ever been so tired where you couldn't even keep your eyes open? I never have until last Saturday. Being tired on weed, is totally different from just being tired.

HALLOWEEN is Friday, and I haven't gotten ANYTHING for my costume. That is so not me. I usually have my entire costume, down to the smallest accessory about 2 weeks ago. So I'm definitely gonna be scrounging around trying to piece everything together by Thursday.

Speaking of Thursday, Im suppose to go to Maryland. But I found out yesterday that one of my bitches is having her birthday party celebration this Saturday. I don't want to miss it even though I know she won't mind because I been talking about going to Maryland for Halloween. But I'm going to feel bad for missing it. But I wanna go to Maryland for a couple of reasons...WHAT TO DO, WHAT TO DO??? Well I gotta decide by Wednesday at the latest. (sigh) Decisions, Decisions...

Then on top of that, I'm SICK. Like so sick I couldn't even sleep last night. My eye is swollen. I look and feel like Shit. But I HAVE TO BE BETTER BY FRIDAY!!!!! So the orange juice, apple juice, medicine, tea, and all that good stuff is in full effect.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm Starting a New Blog

Well another new one. But this one is more of a picture blog of my apparent "party lifestyle."

I don't know anything about Wordpress but I always liked the sleekness of it. So I guess this blog will become my writing blog since I usually write more on here anyway. Speaking of writing, I have a draft to one of my books finished. Well more like a blueprint. I wrote the introduction, and have the outline of the book. Now I have to get into graphic design mode and see what I can pull together for my illustrations. My drawing skills are okay, if I'm doing 2-d things. Shading and all that other stuff is another story. But I should be fine. Now my novel I was writing is still on 8 pages since about 2 years ago. I just found it the other day, and I think I'm going to just write a few pages a day off the top of my head to get the ideas out and pick and choose which way I want it to go. If I could channel and focus my creative energy I would be great.

I should be doing some work

I have to write a 500 word essay, which is really more like a paragraph to me, but I can't focus AT ALL. The topic is interesting enough, and I know I can knock this out in no time, but I can't focus AT ALL. I'm doing everything else but what I should be. As much as I try to get my mind on school, I just can't. Good thing I'm smart and don't really have to try so hard to do this work or I'd really be a failure.

How Many Guys Have You Slept With?


I don't know why guys ask you this question because they don't want to know the real answer. And no matter how you answer its gonna be problems.

First Scenario

Guy: How many guys have you had sex with?
Girl: Ummm...
Guy: Damn that many where you don't know off top.

Second Scenario

Guy: How many guys have you had sex with?
Girl: Probably like 20
Guy: Damn. Thats alot.

Third Scenario:

Guy: How many guys have you had sex with?
Girl: Just 5
Guy: You can tell me the truth. I know its more than 5.
Girl: Naw, just 5, including you.
Guy: Whatever.

I've noticed that most guys expect girls to have slept with alot of guys, but they don't really want you to admit to it if you have. And if you haven't, they don't believe you. But I tell people all the time that its more about how long you've been having sex and the number of people you have had sex with.

Lets say I've been having sex since I was in the 8th grade, and its been about 9 years since then and Ive had about 20 sexual partners. That means I'm only averaging about 2-3 new people I've had sex with each year, which is almost nothing in comparison. But saying 2-3 people a year sounds better than outright saying 20. Or even better than saying last year I messed with only 3 people but the year before I messed with like 10. See the average makes it better.

So whenever guys ask me that question, I tell them the first time I've had sex, and then how many people after that. And I usually get the same response...

Guy: Damn, you doing better than me. I've been having sex since middle school and have fucked more than 100 girls now.

You can't lose with my strategy. Unless your average is high as hell, but even then it shouldn't matter how many you people you have sex with, as long as you are smart about it.

Tattoos instead of a Wedding Ring

I was reading an interview snippet from Essence magazine where Beyonce talks about the tattoos her and Jay-Z got instead of the typical wedding ring. (Which Im sure she also got too.). She talked about how wedding rings are just material and they are silly.

But I agree. I don't even like wearing rings, at least not for extended periods of time. I don't even like wearing jewelery besides earrings, unless I'm going out. So I think I will get a band tattooed around my finger when I get married. Or some type of mutual symbol that my husband and I decide on. Thats more me than some wedding ring that will probably get me in trouble because I will never want to wear it.

Half Baked Project

Okay, so for the duration of my Half Baked Project I'm going to just write down all the "new" things I've experienced ON WEED...LMAO. That never gets old.

-Well first of all, I wore this scarf around my head yesterday. Not like my hair was wrapped, but around it like a headband. And I went into these two stores, one that I go into all the time, and one that I've never been to. And both guys working at the two different stores tried to holla at me. The first guy was fat, he stinks, and he creeps me out. I walked to get a juice and he just followed me, getting all in my personal space. And the other guy knows my friend and he was talking to her about me like I wasn't even standing right there. Asking my friend where was I from, was I from around here, why he hasn't seen me before, do I have a boyfriend, all these questions but I was standing RIGHT THERE. My friend and I came to the conclusion that it was the scarf that made them think I was one of them, Arab. (To be politically incorrect I'm sure).

-Played Cards. And it was crazy because I was so high I couldn't count the cards to see if all of them were in the deck. And then I tried to get my friend to count them, and she couldn't do it either. Every time we counted, we was unsure of whether we counted it right. And we laughed. Plus the card design looked very psychedelic, and it was fucking with my mind.

-Watched Top Model. And it was hilarious. Way more funny than usual.

-Watched 90210. And it seemed more real than it usually does. Well some parts of it. They still talk to each other weird but as far as the action of the episode, it was great.

-Went to the Grocery Store and my friend and I bought a box of cereal a piece and some biscuits. LOL. And it was like 10:55, the store closes at 11, and the manager was looking at us weird and finally said, "Yall must be having a good night to come all the way to the store to get some cereal and biscuits at 11." LMAO.

I will be continuing my research today. I'm going to a party tonight. Should be fun.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


My Favorite Holiday.

I've been narrowing down my costume choices. And I cannot decide what I want to be for Halloween. This is serious business for me. I have always loved Halloween because it is one day where I can dress up and be somebody else. No restrictions, I can be as weird as I want, sexy as I want, goofy-looking as I want. The more outrageous the better. I LOVE IT...

Previous Halloweens I was a devil, schoolgirl, and Harajuku Girl. This year I want to do something different. Be something different. But since I'm going out to the club or maybe a concert that night, I don't really wanna wear anything extensive. So I have narrowed it down to a few things...

Lady Cop (My mother wants me to be this just because of the Lil Wayne Song LOL)


Egyptian Queen


Construction Girl (think Heidi from Tool Time, expect I'm not tryna wear Tims in the club)

Wednesday Addams (the more sexed up version)

Thats all I got for now. I'm leaning more towards the Cop, and Wednesday Addams but I saw some Flapper costumes today that would be so cute. I may even do a day costume and then a night costume. Since I don't think walking around half naked would go well for a day time look. But either, Im too excited. I can't wait.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Half-Baked Project

I borrowed "Half-Baked" from my brother and everytime I watch it, I realize how much I love it. And the part of the movie where they describe the different types of smokers, I relate to the one played by Jon (I can't think of his last name). They type his character as an enhancement smoker who believes that everything is better when you're "on weed."

Have you ever watched Pulp Fiction?...Well have you ever watched Pulp Fiction ON WEED??

LMAO...Don't quote me. But I think I am an enhancement smoker with a slight case of the Hungry/I'm sleepy smoker. But I find myself thinking and looking at things very differently when I have been smoking. N.E.R.D talks about seeing sounds but when I listen to music when Im high, I feel like Im seeing sounds. Not literally seeing things, but I can listen, and actually hear EVERYTHING. And zone out on the music, and just listen.

Also everyday things seem much better. The appeal of things on TV increases dramatically when I'm high although I find myself just laughing at shit because it usually makes no sense at all. Commercials are more funny, and then ones like "I am made of gold" become pure hysteria to me. Talking with friends when you're high is fun. I'm not a real heavy smoker, in fact, I really only smoke with a few people and very recently I just started letting those people look at me while I smoked. I used to go into another room or hide my face because I don't think the image of a girl smoking is cute, in any form or fashion. So I tell people that while I don't mind you knowing I smoke, seeing me smoke is another issue. They can say they know that I smoke but they can't say that they've ever seen me smoke. And very few people have ever actually seen me smoke.

Sidetracked...But I really do believe that being high can make alot of situations more interesting. TMI moment approaching...Also when I'm high, I get horny. This is my pattern of highness.

Zone Out
Get Hungry
Get Horny
(and lately)
Go to Sleep

I don't know what it is but you know how some people say Alcohol makes you horny, well weed does it for me. Like after I smoke, I literally just wanna fuck. Reminds me of the Lil wayne song...

"I don't know about yall, but I'm really really fucked up, no more liquor in my cup, I guess its time for us to, time for us to, time for us to fuck..."

Yeah pretty much, minus the liquor, add the weed. TMI I know. Sorry. Alcohol just makes me crunk and the after effects (hangovers) are enough for me to think about quitting drinking forever. But usually just think about it, never actually do it. I am a social drinker but I think the longest time I have gone without drinking was a Terrible Everclear experience that stopped my drinking cold turkey for about 2.5 months, which is great, considering.

Okay, I've been sidetracked, but what I have come to say is I am embarking on a research project of my own for about 2 months where I will try and experience things ON WEED, lol. Normal everyday fun things that I enjoy and would probably have a more enhanced experience if I were ON WEED. Such as the movies, Saw 5 (?)...

Ever watched the Saw movies?...Ever watched the Saw movies ON WEED??


Friday, October 3, 2008

Doubled Over in Laughter

Quote for Today:

"A Groupie disguised as a Fan"

"More like a Stan disguised as...well...a Stan. You know the bitch can't dress."

HAHAHAHAHAHAHA...I am SO DONE for tonight. Dying Laughing.

Good nite.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

My New Favorite Song

UPDATE: I've listened to the song. LOVES IT.

I haven't even listened to it yet but I know I don't need to. For one, its Trey Songz and he has an AMAZING VOICE, and for two, he's talking about eating pussy. Done. Trey Songz for President.

My Current Dilemmas

I have not been outside my house since Sunday, and I don't have even the slightest urge to step outside.

Birth Control costs me $30 a pack. I could get it for free from the clinic but they can't fit me in for an appointment until the end of the month. So I've been off my BC for the past month.

But I haven't been having sex, which is another dilemma in itself.

I need some surplus money because I need some new clothes.

My textbooks won't be getting here for another couple of days, and I need to do my assignments ASAP.

I owe my aunt $850 and I can pay her back this month, I just don't want to. I never have any surplus money and as soon as I get some, I have to give it back. Life.

My mother's car died so she has to use mine now, which leaves me without one. Which is why I've turned into a lazy bum. And I just realized today that if I wanted to just up and leave for a week or two, I can't anymore. Sad.

I have the perfect weight loss idea, but Im lacking the motivation,

A few key moments from this past weekend

-I've never really partied at a club where the majority of the people were white. But I LOVED it. Its a completely different scene but still fun nonetheless. One advantage of partying with white people is you can do anything in the club and it won't matter because everbody in there is doing something ridiculous looking and they don't give a fuck. I saw guys dropping it, shimmying, and a couple ferociously making out for at least 15 minutes on the dance floor. I went to the bathroom and there was a girl in there bleeding to death because somebody dropped a beer bottle on her foot. And all I remember her saying is "I promise I don't have AIDS" LMAO.

Jurnee Smollet
- She was extremely crunk. She walked into the room and immediately started dancing. She dropped it to the floor, started krumping and did the Cupid Shuffle. Very nice fun girl. I love seeing celebrities in this manner. It brings them back to life for me.

Sleepy Weed
-Ever smoked some weed and immediately got sleepy? I've experienced smoking and then immediately getting hungry but not sleepy. It was Friday night, still fairly early, and all we wanted to do was go to sleep.

21st Birthday Party
-One of my favorite cousins turned 21. A few highlights. Cheddar bay biscuits, shots of patron, platinum, Gucci, Surprise Bday party, throw up in the living room and bathroom floor, people throwing up on each other, cupcake frosting all over EVERYTHING, a couple having a very intimate argument showcased to a room full of people, real talk discussions, falling asleep under the bed, losing a shoe, the list goes on...SEVERE HANGOVER THE NEXT DAY

I couldn't have done this past weekend any better...GREATNESS


"It ain't tricking if you got it"

Because EVERYBODY is saying it. I first heard Wayne say it. But then T-Pain in "Can't Believe It," T.I. in "Whatever You Like," Ludacris in "I know what them girls like," and who knows who else...

Seventeen Daily Freebie