Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Oh yeah...

I'm going to go see Young Jeezy at the end of this month. I LOVE LOVE LOVE ME SOME JEEZY.

Okay that is all. lol.

Possible Going Back to School Opportunity

It looks like I may be a college graduate one day after all. I think I have found a program that is gonna work with me. And the best part about it all is they have 5 week sessions where I can get 18 credits at the time, and they offer life experience credits. And I would only have classes certain nights of the week and I think I could deal with that too. Its kinda unreal cause it seems too perfect and too good to be true but I'm going to check it out and if I can have a degree by the end of the year or before summer starts next year. That would be WONDERFUL! Like God Imma follow my leads on this one and please bless this opportunity and make it legit and easy and not a hassle and give me the strength and patience to get through it. I could suffer through Warrenton for another year for this. At least I would feel like I have a reason for being here other than my job because honestly I could work somewhere else and be happy, but this option would set my future up in a much better fashion. Like I'm actually kind of excited just from what I have seen and heard so far. Like if this works out, I may have found my educational loop hole. THANK GOD! Cause lord knows, if I had to start over or suffer through Chapel Hill, I wasn't gonna go back to school. I'm sorry. It just wasn't gonna happen. Fingers crossed cause I NEED THIS IN MY LIFE! Megan the college graduate. I get that under my belt and Imma be the shit forreal. I'm the shit now but society is basically forcing me to get a degree because my word, and resume just isn't trustworthy enough. The games we have to play, but such is life.

Shit, this is a major accomplishment for me. I'm excited about going to school. And normally, when I even think about going back to school, it puts me into an immediate deep depression. I kind of feel good and want things to work out for me this time around. I want to graduate. I want to get a bachelors degree. I want to finally put that goal to rest. For myself. Because I know I need to. Got damn, who would have thought? lol. I'm growing up man. I can't believe it. I actually WANT to go back to school. I was just saying this morning something completely opposite. lol. God works magic, I'm tryna tell you. You better get you some in your life. And by some, I mean God. Thank you for everything again. I can honestly say from the bottom of my heart, I don't know where I would be without you. MUAH!!!!

Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Birthday Plans #TEAMLEO

I'm getting kinda excited about my birthday festivities. I have never planned anything this far in advance in my life. But hopefully this will encourage more people I know and love to join me in celebrating my birthday this year. I already know the shit is gonna turn into that Emerald Pointe situation and everybody is gonna forget that its my birthday and it was my idea, but I can live with that. As long as everyone has a good time, I'm good. I know my nephews are going to go crazy. Like they are going to flip out forreal. I can't wait to see their faces.


I hate talking to people about my feelings cause 9 times out of 10, they gone relate what I'm saying to themselves and try and get me to solve my problems their way. I do the same when I talk to people but I always let them know that this is what worked for me and its just an option and they should do whats best for them. Because I can feel when somebody is giving me a generic type answer and I hate that. I'd rather they say nothing and just listen. Sometimes I just want someone to listen. And I talk to God a lot but I think I have a problem receiving the feedback from him. Idk, I be looking for something, anything, everything and end up doing nothing cause I'm scared its the wrong thing. And I know what that means, i need to stop being a bitch about shit and get it poppin. Easier said than done. *sigh*

I think this rainy weather has me depressed lol.

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